Golden Coo Coo Awards of the Trump era

These are a few of the too many to name examples of bizarre bias when trying to defend Trump’s behavior and flat-out hypocrisy. Against critical detail, some have replied with “MAGA IN 2020!!!” or the tiring “FAKE NEWS!,” as if they didn’t listen to or read the comment to begin with. It’s this miss on what is extraordinarily obvious that’s perplexing.

1. Melania Trump’s  “Anti-Cyberbullying” Campaign. 

The hypocrisy is amazing in that Trump is The Master of bullying.  As one person said, it’s clear the First Lady feels helpless in stopping her husband’s tweet storms and general verbal attacks.  Honorable mention to the youtubers who criticized CNN for “bullying” Trump.

2. “God wanted Trump to be president.” 

ZAP!  The hand of God. Trump did once mention The Bible “Is my favorite book of all-time,” but if you actually believe him I’m not sure what to say???

3.     “I don’t understand why people criticize President Trump.  He’s such a nice person.”

I’ve heard Trump called a “buffoon”, “jackass,” “an idiot,” “vulgar”, “arrogant,” “loudmouth,” “narcissist,” and “a 70 year-old child with a tantrum problem,” but I’ve never ever heard anyone describe him as “a nice person.” In fact, I’ve never heard a Republican say as much. It’s bizarre projection from the depths of the twilight zone.

4. The turbulent political climate wasn’t created by Trump. He is just a product of a brash social media that had been doing this for years.

This implies the media is responsible for his behavior, not Trump. No examples were given, and apparently none were needed.

5. “Quora is not really the place to ask a question phrased in so inflammatory a fashion. I, for instance, would ask you to define the term “jerk” and provide some evidence or illustration that DT has frequently acted in a way that meets that definition.”

Common sense doesn’t need a dictionary definition of a “jerk.”  You look at Trump’s name calling and numerous other infantile outburst to realize this.  It’s only when there’s a partisan bias do we need to dig into the depths of the banal to make gray what isn’t.

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